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--Individual Event

• A 300ft sand track with timing system setup for upto 4 lanes.


• Each contestant will need to register, at the timing booth, before the start of the event.

• Each machine being registered will need to show proof of insurance, complete a registration form, pass tech inspection, determine proper classification and pay for each class being registered.


Class Challenge

If one contestant would like to challenge another contestant's machine, based on classification, they may do so. The contestant, initiating the challenge, will bring $50 to the tech area to initiate the challenge. If the machine in question passes inspection for classification, the participant being challenged recieves the $50. If the machine fails the inspection of classification, the $50 goes back to the one whom initiated the challenge. The contestant that failed inspection goes to last place, which includes losing any trophy they may have one. Everyone below that contestant's position moves up one place.

The Battenfelder ATV Rodeo Committee would make a decision if the contestant that fails the inspection should get banned, depending on the seriousness and blatancy of the offence.