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Q - Where are you and how do I get there?

A - Visit our “Directions” page, we can’t wait to see you there.

Q - Are there separate categories for quad size in the rodeo?

A - No. Your team can consist of any size and make of ATV. There are classes for the drag races.

Q - Wouldn’t the lack of category make it unfair?

A - You would think so but for the past 4 Rodeos there hasn’t been a turbo in the winners circle. It is designed to encourage working as a team, so the most power doesn’t guarantee you a win.

Q - I can’t seem to come up with enough riders to make a team. I still want to participate, what do I do?

A - Send us a message in the “Contact Us” page, and we will find a team you can join, or make a team from interested people.

Q - I am not interested in the team events, but would like to try the drag races or the mud bog races. Can I sign up for just one of those events?

A - Absolutely! Send us a message in the “Contact Us” page, and we will get you the information you need.

Q - How hard on machines is the course?

A - It is a race against other competitors, but the course is setup like everyday challenges you can face while riding your ATV normally. People do successfully navigate the course with out snorkels, but they are very much encouraged.

Q - Where do I get snorkel kits, and how much do they cost?

A - There are many web sites with them, but they can be built from Canadian Tire with $40.00 worth of auto and plumbing parts.

Q - Is there anything for the wife and kids to do while I participate or should I come alone?

A - Anyone 16 and over is welcome to participate. Many teams have had men and women in the events. There is many great places to watch the events from, as well as fire pits, golf course, horse shoe pits, etc. (typical campground atmosphere)

Q - How about trail riding after the rodeo? 

A - After the rodeo, anyone can try out the relay race course or the mud pits, as well there are many trails on crown land that connect to the Battenfelder property. We only ask, to keep the ATVs off of the grass camping area and kept in the designated riding area.

Q - How long is the event?

A - The team events of the rodeo start at 9:00am on Saturday and usually finish up around 5:00PM. The individual events start at 10:00am Sunday and usually finishes by 3:00pm.

Q - Are there awards?

A - Yes

    1. For the top team on Friday's event.

    2. For the top three teams of Saturday's rodeo.

        These are given out after the steak supper, at the club house. This is a fun, family friendly event.

    3. For the top three racers in Sunday's drag races, for each class.

        These are given out right after the final race on Sunday.

Q - Is there food available for purchase through out the day?

A - Yes, on rodeo day; breakfast consists of “Breakfast Sandwiches”, lunch is your typical canteen fare, and supper is at the club house.