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First Option for Payment

The entrance fee for Saturday’s Rodeo is $125.00 per rider. This includes one ticket for Saturday’s awards dinner.

* The entrance fee for Sunday’s Drag Races is $25.00 per class.
* King of the Drags Entry is $35.00

* Extra tickets for Saturday’s award dinner are $25.00 for an adult and $10.00 for children 12 and under.

* Camping with power is $25.00 each night.
* Camping without power is $20.00 each night.

Second Option for Payment

Total Payment: $700.00

This includes the following:
* 4 Entries into Saturday’s Rodeo
* 8 tickets for Saturday’s awards dinner
* 2 nights of camping with power for up to 4 units
* 4 entries into any single class of Sunday’s Drag Races except for “King of the Drags”. Any extra classes entered are $25.00 each.

* King of the Drags Entry is an extra $35.00

This is a savings of up to $180.00